upon what the game is based upon Pikmin

250px-Pikmin Adventure NL

logo for Pikmin Adventure

 Pikmin Adventure is a attraction based off of the pikmin (series)

Pikmin updates

  • When you raise your self to level 5 all of your pikmins become bud pikmin
  • When you raise your self to level 10 all of your bud pikmin become flower pikmin
  • This all replies to the pikmin assistant as well

Pikmin Powerups

  • hammer seeds
  • glowing shroom
  • timer


  • Bulborbs
  • Beebs (exclusive to Nintendo Land)
  • Yellow Bulborbs



  • ZL & ZR calls pikmin back to you
  • screen makes you jump & throws pikmin
  • left analog stick move

Wii Remote

  • direction pad move



  • Olimar

Wii Remotes

  • Blue Pikmin remote #1
  • Red Pikmin remote #2
  • Yellow Pikmin remote #3


  1. Bulborb Forest


  • All of the pikmins used are the only pikmins ever seen in Pikmin (game)

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